Raster to vector conversion service


Update your pixel artwork to a vector file

Raster vs vector file

We offer vectorization and image repair service. Our designer are specializes in re-drawing bitmap images in vector format. Vector graphics are suitable for fabric printer, cut-ready art for signs, vector line art for engraving and more. We can also create vector drawings from rough sketches.

Vectorization can be done to "clean up" poor quality images or to scale images without losing quality 

What is vectorization (vector tracing)?
Vectorization is the conversion of raster graphics into vector graphics, a process also known as image tracing.

This way you can resize your vector image to the size you want, without losing any quality.  Why you need vector file?

- Scalable
Scale to any size you want without loss of quality.

- Large Printing

Best for printing on billboard, poster, business card, flyer, etc.

- Editable
Make colour change or You can also send the vectorized file to any
        designer you want for future editing. 

logo vector fileYou get from us: a print ready PDF vector file with your logo or design

Open file:
Make it High Resolution
Create a vector copy for editing and printing
Change colors
Edit/Add texts
Reshape objects
Acceptable file formats which can be sent are:
jpeg, bmp, tif, psd, gif, png, pdf, eps