Sofa cover with custom print

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$ 59.00
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Sofa cover with custom print

Do you want a quick, easy and economic way to redecorate and liven up your home? This stretchable sofa cover can not only give a new fresh look of your sofa, it can also help protect your sofa from daily tear, spills, stains and so on. It is a great choice for homes with children and pets. And it is of strong plasticity due to the stretchy fabric and elastic band design, thus, it is suitable for most kinds/shapes of sofa and can create a crisp outlook for you.


  • 226 x 230cm (single-seater )
  •  236 x 270cm (double-seater)
  •  236 x 320cm (three-seater)
  •  236 x 390cm (four-seater)

Material: 180g Elastic Polyester

Package: Individually wrapped

Layer: Single layer