Processing Of Image Files (Formats Which We Use)

PDF Files
We are most like! Please print optimized store (after you have selected „Save As” the box „optimized” mark). 

*.pdf and*.eps Files can best be processed. We ask you to put the files in CMYK mode. Photoshop documents should not be pre-separated (DCS). Alpha channels please not secure (see „Color Settings”). 

Please always convert to vector paths (outline). Please add all the fonts used for screen and print fonts. Fonts for text and imported logos should be supplied in each case.

Crop marks
Make no crop marks. Everything is designed around the actual pressure must be removed unfortunately charged by us. 

Imported logos should be applied wherever possible as a vector graphic. 

Color setting
Put all the colors in the CMYK color mode. Input profile is EURO Scale Coated v2 for CMYK and Adobe RGB (1998) for RGB. Own embedded ICC profiles can be considered only at the express request. Please note carefully! 

Special colors
Special colors can not be printed. They are put together in the CMYK color mode. Some special colors can be simulated better, others worse to not at all (like Light colors). Surfaces
When different areas is superimposed to ensure that none of the surfaces is unintentionally to overprint. This can lead to the change of color of that surface.

A rich black is only achieved by a four-color digital printing in black. Therefore black elements must be stained with pixel graphics in C60/M60/Y30/K100. K100 is converted to vector graphics standard in four-color black at us. 

True color specifications
Colors are different depending on the medium. To make sure that we print your color ideas accordingly, we need either a color original in very good quality, usually a digital proof or cromalin, however, explicitly labeled as a color binding, or you give us accurate color scale in euros. If there is no binding color sample or color coding, no complaint can later be recognized due to color variations!

Data must not be created 1:1. However, it must be applied correctly in relation. Please pack only the pure graphics in the print file, no cut marks or other. 

Data transfer via dropbox
For particularly large data we provide you an FTP account for the data transfer. Important: To ensure that the files are sent in order, we need a control or a different view PDF file ( or JPG).