Portable Dressing Room

Portable Dressing Rooms use for Pop up Shops, Fashion Shows, Marathon Races, and more!

Portable Fitting Rooms for Trade Show and Event
Portable Fitting Rooms for Trade Show and Event Miami
Portable Fitting Rooms for Trade Show and Event Orlando
Portable Fitting Rooms for Trade Show and Event In Las Vegas

Lightweight and strong and fully branded with your own logos and graphics

Lightweight and strong, our Changing room display stand come in a variety of attractive shapes and can be fully branded with your own logos and graphics. unless specified, all prices shown exclude vat and carriage

Portable Dressing Rooms break down in their own carry case which can fit in the backseat of the car.

They are lightweight and have their own carry case.

Our Portable Dressing Rooms are customized with your graphics both outside and inside.
Quickly set up your Portable Dressing Rooms with custom printed walls. Maximize your marketing efforts!

One of our hottest selling items!

Very popular with fashion shows, sporting events, pop up retail outlets and more. The benefit of this portable booth is not only to get changed but to promote your brand.
Looking for a portable structure for a change room, first aid room, dressing room, ticket taking rooms or pretty much whatever you wish? Excellent for indoor and outdoor events.

These portable structures can be printed single or double sided.
No more pipe and drape and unprofessional looking solutions!

Our Portable Dressing Rooms are ideal for events on the go where you need to set up and take down consistently.

With our new and improved design, they set up quick and easy similarly made with the same set up as our Tension Fabric Displays. This has cut the setup time in half compared to the older track systems.

Portable change rooms are revolutionary.

This unique stylish portable dressing room has been designed specifically to accommodate the growing demand for affordable change rooms that are super fast to assemble and are completely branded. Consisting of a lightweight but clever designed framework which just clicks together combined with a stretch fabric “pillowcase” style graphic this change room is set up and ready to use in just minutes. Then once done pack it away into the small carry bag and be on your way.
Portable dressing room can be your good island advertising choice, small space with four  sided graphics; Easy Fabric changing room can be also your island  advertising and functional choice for shopping malls. 

Setup fully branded change rooms within minutes at trade shows, malls and retail events. Our change rooms are easy to carry and can be setup up within minutes. Choose from standard sizes or have a custom branded change rooms produced for you of a size that suits your needs.

Portable dressing rooms allow the privacy of a regular dressing room when there is no proper place to change clothes with privacy. They come in handy at the beach, public pool, parks, or for photo shoots. Undress and in complete privacy at the, beach, park, pool, or photoshooting, etc. This portable changing room will make switching outfits while on location private.

Portable Dressing Room 48"

portable dressing room