Package Single Sided

custom flag print, pole and ground spike
Package 9' small$20.00 $69.00
Package 11' large$20.00 $79.00
Package 15' Xlarge$20.00 $99.99

Package Double Sided

custom flag print, pole and ground spike
Package 9' small$20.00 $94.00
Package 11' large$20.00 $128.00
Package 15' Xlarge$20.00 $158.00


without hardware
Pole with carry bag$20.00 $25.00
X Cross base heavy$20.00 $45.00
Ground spike$20.00 $25.00
Metal base 20lbs$20.00 $90.00

Why are our flags more colourful than other vendors?

Many suppliers on the market use thin nylon and print with solvent ink to save cost. Life expectancy is short and color brilliance fades very quickly. We print flags exclusively with thermal sublimation ink for textile printing on high-quality polyester. Our customers love our great and colourful printing, the high quality finish and fast delivery.

Single & double sided feather flag print options

custom feather flag Single sided printed flag

Single sided printed flag

Image is printed on 1 side of the banner for single-sided displays. The back side shows the see through mirror image of the front side (ca. 80%).

Far less common than a double sided feather flag, our flags can be printed only on one side if needed. Single sided signs will be "print through" meaning that your design and/or text will be somewhat visible from the backside, but to any extent of visibility the design will appear mirrored instead of duplicated on the back side.

Double sided printed flag

Double sided printed flag - The best choice for your advertising!

If you want your flag's messaging or branding to be visible from both sides, our double sided custom feather flags are the way to go. Print your design on both sides of the flag or a different design on each side!

Two single-sided banners are sewn back to back enabling a double-sided display. A block out material is sewn between the banners to prevent light from shining through.

Base option

Ground spike

Ground spike for feather flags
psc$20.00 $25.00
Stake it in and watch it spin! This steel base allows you to secure the feather,- drop-  or Portable Flagpole in grass or soil. The integrated bearing allows the flag to rotate freely with the wind. This takes wind forces off the flag and flagpole and make them last longer. The Rotating Ground Stake is a base option for those wishing to display their graphics outdoors. With the rotation device, your image can always be seen whichever way the wind is blowing. The stake gets hammered into the ground, leaving the bearing exposed to rest the pole set on.

Water bag

Ground spike for feather flags
psc$20.00 $15.00

Heavy Duty metal base with rotator

Custom Feather Flag Angled cut
psc$20.00 $85.00

Compared to the Surface Mount  Deluxe, the Standard is the more economical version. The powder-coated finish gives this base a sleek look and goes well with the Portable Flagpole pole set. The base can be used either indoors or outdoors. With a Weight Bag added, the Cross Stand Standard can support any size. The integrated bearing allows the flagpole to turn with the wind which is especially useful outside. It reduces wind forces on the flag and the flagpole so both can last longer.

Steel, powder-coated
Dimensions: 19" x 19.0"
Weight: 22 lbs
For indoor and limited outdoor use
Recommended for all Portable Flagpole sizes

Heavy Duty cross X-cross base with rotator

Custom Feather Flag, Convex cut
psc$20.00 $45.00
Heavy Duty cross-base X-stand for all our commercial  flag kits is perfect for displaying outdoor, indoor or at a market. This Heavy Duty X-base is a great alternative to a fixed mount. You can display your flag and pole set just about anywhere with our Heavy Duty X-Stand. Perfect for party’s outside, indoor convention centers or events.
This powder-coated steel base is good for hard, flat surfaces indoors and outdoors. It can fold flat for convenient transportation as well. If used outdoors, a Weight Bag is recommended for added stability. The included bearing allows your flag to move and spin freely with the wind.
Compared to the Cross Stand Deluxe, the Standard is the more economical version. The powder-coated finish gives this base a sleek look and goes well with the Portable Flagpole pole set. The base can be used either indoors or outdoors. With a Weight Bag added, the Cross Stand Standard can support any size. The integrated bearing allows the flagpole to turn with the wind which is especially useful outside. It reduces wind forces on the flag and the flagpole so both can last longer.
This powder-coated steel base is good for hard, flat surfaces indoors and outdoors. It can fold flat for convenient transportation as well. If used outdoors, a Weight Bag is recommended for added stability. The included bearing allows your flag to move and spin freely with the wind.

Durability & Care Of Flags

A flag is a consumable item.

With the use of a flag in the outside area, an ordinary wear process takes place. The period of the wear process is between a few months (with permanent beating) and 1 - 2 years depending on the type of application and location. The quite long period of time results from the various weather and environmental influences that a flag is exposed day by day.

 Flags are exposed to constant movement by wind. Added to this are the intensified UV irradiation as well as the regionally different air pollution (e.g., car exhaust gases, sulfur, etc.). All aspects which are responsible for the influence on the flag substance.There is unfortunately no general information about the durability of flags, since the respective load of a flag is affected by various factors.

Care and treatment are just as important for the durability of a flag.Therefore, it is advisable to catch flags in a strong wind and in a storm. At the same time rain increases the wear effect. It is also important to ensure that the flags are able to escape freely. Therefore, it is recommended that the flag be applied against walls, other flags, branches and branches etc. If mechanical damage occurs, we recommend removing the flag immediately. This prevents you, for example, possible cracks to become larger. In this case we offer you a repair for a small extra charge.

 The following should be considered in short:

  • Obtain flags from wind force 8 at the latest.
  • Periodically remove flags to check for damage and repair if necessary
  • Make sure that flags can blow freely
  • Due to environmental factors which can not be avoided, therefore, no guarantee can be given as to the durability of a flag.


  1. Hitting flags, hanging flags and banners should be mounted so that they can blow freely and do not strike walls, trees or wires, etc.
  2. Hanging flags and banners should also be fitted with a ring guard or anti-tamper.
  3. In a wet condition, flags and tension bands must not be kept together, as color prints and stains may form.
  4. A wash should be carried out in a timely manner so that no excessive degree of contamination is achieved. Only then can a satisfactory wash result be expected. Damage to the fabric should be repaired as soon as possible. As a result, the service life is not insignificantly increased.


Preparation and laundry

  1. Metal parts, e.g. Carabiner hooks or swivels should be removed to avoid damage.
  2. As the majority of our delivery program (national and advertising flags as well as tensioning straps) is made exclusively from basic materials made from 100% brand polyester, the laundry can be carried out according to a uniform procedure.
  3. The washing process can be carried out in any normal household washing machine with the addition of brand detergents for synthetic fibers with the setting for 60 ° C wash. In the case of heavily soiled areas, the cleaning process can be reinforced by the application of lubricating soap and subsequent light rubbing. The addition of bleaching agents in the wash water must not be carried out.
  4. After the washing process, the cleaned material must be thoroughly rinsed through a fleet of clear water with intensive movement. After the rinsing process, the laundry must not be stored together for a long time in a wet state in order to avoid the formation of stains.
  5. Drying and ironing
  6. Drying of the material can be carried out by gentle centrifuging and air drying in the spreaded state. However, the flags can also be pulled up dripping on the flag pole.
  7. It is not necessary to iron flags and straps for external use. However, if flags are used for interior decoration, they can be ironed at a point of about  240F  (110° C).


  1. For the cleaning of flags and tension bands in a chemical cleaning facility or a gasoline bath, no guarantee can be given with regard to color fastness since the solvents used here do not always permit a proper treatment.
  2. If we do not have a suitable company for the washing and repair of flags and tensioning straps, in accordance with the above, this work can be carried out at our company.

 Obtain the flags at high wind speeds

 As recommended by the industry, we advise our customers to collect all flags from a wind strength of eight or higher. In the case of double-sided flags, this is recommended with wind force six. Flags are and remain wear articles whose "life" can be significantly extended in this way.

Product Specs

  • Are feather banner and flag banner the same thing? What about teardrop banners? Custom flags?
    • Before anything else let’s clear up the confusion that may exist around the different phrases used for this and similar banner types. The terms “feather banner” and “flag banner” or even “feather flag banner” are all interchangeable. The use of these terms is usually dictated by who is speaking and their preference or habit of calling them one or the other. In terms of functionality, pricing, etc. these terms all mean the same to us. For simplicity sake we just use “feather banner”.

      There is a difference between other types of banners that we offer and you can learn more about these on their respective product pages: teardrop banners, (closest to feather banners but slightly different shape and different pricing), standard banners, fabric banners, and retractable banners.

      The differences between the two most similar banner options that can be quickly noted are that the feather banner we offer is a little more free flowing than the teardrop banner which is more taut and stretched out when secured to its flagpole. Further, the design surface area of the feather banner is also larger than the teardrop of a similar size.

      Lastly, at the current time we do not offer custom/rectangular flags as you would see attached and raised up a flag pole.
  • What material is your feather banner made out of?
    • The feather banner is made from a lightweight, 4 oz. polyester material. This material, which has a plastic-like property, allows for flexibility and durability of the product. The flagpole is made from a lightweight aluminum, which adds to the versatility of this unique banner.
  • Occasionally I hear the phrase, “feather convex banner”. What does convex mean?
    • Convex describes the shape that the flag is cut to. Convex means that the outline of the flag is curved like the outer edge of a circle. In essence, convex shaping allows for the flag to appear like the shape of a feather. Whether you say feather banner, flag banner or convex banner we’ll understand what you’re referring to.
  • What is the lifespan of your feather banner?
    • Assuming proper care and storing, the banner will last 2+ years. Exposure to the sun or harsh elements may diminish the quality of the banner faster than if the banner was placed away from those conditions. Please see below for a more detailed look at how the element may affect your banner.
  • Will exposure to sun fade the banner?
    • If the banner is placed in direct sunlight, the banner will end up fading over time. Though, this will require a prolonged period of direct sunlight. In almost all cases this shouldn’t be a concern over the short or medium term.
  • Will the wind be able to blow my feather banner away?
    • Strong winds can cause the banner to be blown over, even when placed in the ground. Using a weighted base will help prevent this but, strong winds can still bend or damage the flag pole. The height of the flag is also a factor in its resistance to the wind. A larger flag is more likely to be blown over in high winds. We recommend that you take down or not use the flag, regardless of size, in any conditions which may contain high winds or other inclement weather.
  • How small or big can my feather banner be?
    • We currently offer 4 different sizes of feather flags. Small (9ft), Medium (10.5), Large (14ft), X-Large (18ft). These heights represent the flag when it is attached to the flagpole, which is the industry standard when measuring feather banners. The actual banner dimensions alone are 24.25” W x 79.5” H (Small), 25.5” W x 105” H (Medium), 29.5” W x 139.5” H (Large), 27” W x 191” H(X-Large).

      When using different bases, the height of the flag will vary. Using the square base will only add about 1/8th of an inch to the overall height of the flag. The ground stake will also add height, depending on how much it is driven into the ground. The cross base will add about 7” to the overall height of the banner.
  • Are the flagpoles designed to be interchangeable between banner sizes?
    • Each flagpole is specifically designed to support a single size of banner. For example, a large flagpole will not support a small, medium, or XL banner. A large flagpole will only support a large banner. This applies to all banners and flagpole sizes. If you need to order an extra or replacement feather banner you can do so on our website.
  • Can I order a replacement pole set or additional hardware as standalone products?
    • No. Currently we only offer the feather banner as a standalone item through our website. If you need a replacement pole set, stand or other hardware please contact us at thru our contact bottom so we can help you get this ordered.
  • If I print my banner in more than one color am I charged more?
    • We print all of our banners in full color, which means that no matter how many colors you choose to include in your design, it will not increase the cost of your order. Design services are also free of charge if you are needing free design help. The things that will impact your final cost will be the size you select, the quantity, the type of stand, any applicable tax and shipping.
  • Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?
    • The design of your banner will cover most of the flag. The face of the flag, where the design will be printed, is surrounded by a 2 - 21/2 inch thick black seam (or border) which connects the pole pocket to the rest of the flag.
  • Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?
    • The vinyl banner material is a matte finish, with the printed design also being matte in appearance.
  • Will my banner melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?
    • The vinyl material we use is heat resistant, meaning that it will not melt if placed in direct sunlight. However, the color and design of the banner will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period. Normal day to day usage should not cause any problems in terms of melting.
  • Are your banners fire resistant?
    • Though highly resistant to heat, when polyester comes in contact with flames it will melt and burn. We caution against placing the banner near an open flame or sparks.
  • Do I have to use one of your templates for my banner?
    • Our templates are provided for your convenience but are not necessary in designing your banner. If you have your own design you wish to use, you can upload it using our design tool. If you require additional assistance in designing your banner, feel free to contact us for our free design help.
  • Is the single sided option for feather banners mirrored or print through?
    • If you select a single-sided feather flag banner please be aware that it is print-through rather than duplicated on the back side. This means that someone will be able to see your printed design from the other side but the design and the text will be mirrored. To have the same message on the back side of the sign, and have it appear on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option for your banner.
  • Can your feather banners be double sided?
    • Yes. We offer double sided feather banners for an additional cost. Please see the next question for details and design considerations for our double sided option.
  • For double sided feather banners, can I do different images on the front and back?
    • Yes. You can either design your banner so that both sides are the same or both sides are different. Simply select the “Printed Sides” option and click the "Back Side" button to design the back side of your flag however you’d like.
  • If I order just a banner, single or double sided, will I get a pole set with it?
    • No. For your banner to work you'll need to design the banner and then select poles and your preferred stand as options. We’ve done this to allow you to purchase replacement banners in the future.
  • How big is the ground stake? Can it be placed in loose or thick soil?
    • The ground stake is a 25” long (about 2 feet), solid piece of metal which attaches to the bottom of the flag pole. The stake can be driven into the ground using a mallet or hammer until the stake and flag are secure in the ground. We recommend placing the stake in solid, thick soil to ensure that it is not easily swayed due to strong winds. Further, there isn’t a specific depth to which you should drive the stake, rather simply drive the stake until the feather banner is secure and sturdy.
  • What’s the difference between the square base and the cross base?
    • While both bases allow for the flag to be stable when placed above ground, there is a difference in use of these stands. The square base is a solid piece of metal, with a peg to secure the flag. This base weighs 21 lbs, giving you assurance that it will keep your banner grounded outside. Because the base is flush with the ground, it is less likely to be a tripping hazard. The square base does not fit in the carrying case for the flag banner, so it is best to use in a permanent location.

      The cross base is a base with 4 foldable legs that allow for easy storage in the carrying case. The portability of the base makes it great for taking to conventions and tradeshows. The base weighs 6.4 lbs which gives it stability on the ground but will not break your back while transporting it. You can add the water bag weight (an additional 16 lbs when filled with water) on the cross base to increase its support when placing the flag outdoors. The profile of the cross base does increase the risk of a pedestrian or passer-by tripping on the display, so it’s best to place the display out of footpaths.
  • What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?
    • The water bag is a donut-shaped weight that can be inflated using water. This weight is used with the cross base in order to increase stability. Though designed to be filled with water, the bag could be filled with sand. Make sure to avoid mixing water and sand, as this will cause an unwanted mess. We would recommend using just water to allow for easy emptying of the bag and subsequent transport. Using sand can end up being a hassle and mess to clean up for filling and emptying.
  • Is the carrying case included in my purchase of a custom feather banner? What fits inside the case?
    • The carrying case is an optional item that can be purchased during the design process of your custom feather banner. Your feather banner does come with an included pole bag which protects the pole set. It’s important to note that the pole bag and the carrying case are two different items.

      Each carrying case is designed to hold only one feather banner, pole set, cross base, and empty and folded water bag. The disassembled flag poles will fit in separate pockets, with the cross base being secured in a pouch. A folded feather banner can fit inside and the entire case can be zipped up for efficient storage and transportation.
  • What’s the difference between the carrying case and the pole bag?
    • The pole bag is a protective bag for the pole set and is included in your purchase of a feather banner when the pole set option is purchased. The pole set option is selected by default when designing your banner. The pole bag is only intended to hold the pole set and not a folded banner. The bag does not have a handle or strap for carrying like the carrying case does. A carrying case is designed to hold a pole set, folded banner, and a cross base. The carrying case is an optional/additional purchase.
  • Is the carrying case designed to fit all sizes of feather banners?
    • The size of the additional optional carrying case will vary depending on the size of your feather flag banner. One case fits the small or medium feather banners and another case is tailored to fit the large and XL size feather banners. We will ensure you get the correct size of carrying case. When checking out you simply need to select the carrying case option if you want this travel case.
  • What are your other banners that you offer?
    • We have a variety of banners to meet your display needs. We offer custom vinyl banners, fabric banners, and retractable banners. We also offer a teardrop banner, which is similar to the feather flag banner. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can help you pick out a product that will meet your needs.
  • Can I put two flags on one pole?
    • The pole is only designed to be attached to one flag. We do not recommend putting two feather flags on one pole. Our custom feather banners and poles are designed to work with one another, thus allowing for the product to function with maximum stability. Placing two flags on one pole will reduce the stability of the flagpole and could render damage to the product. Putting two feather banners on one pole would also not be aesthetically appealing or effectively display your message to others.
  • Do I have to use the pole set that I purchased or can I attach the banner to any type of small pole?
    • The pole set purchased with your banner is designed specifically to be used with the banner. In theory, you can use a different pole(s) but doing so may reduce how secure the banner is attached to the pole. The pole set you purchase with the banner has a rope that helps to attach the flag to the pole and base, which other poles may not have.
  • What are feather banners typically used for?
    • Feather banners are usually seen displayed outside of storefronts or business for the use of promoting sales or products/services. These banners are a simple way of catching attention without being an eyesore. The portability of these banners makes them great for presenting products at tradeshows or conventions. The portability also makes them a great choice for seasonal products or services that can be used year after year and weather permitting.
  • Will my banner become faded or worn over time?
    • Your banner can become faded or worn if placed in direct sunlight for an extended period much like any other printed material or if the banner material is in frequent contact with an abrasive surface. Like with most fabric materials, using them repeatedly will cause wear and tear over time.
Installation & Care
  • How do I assemble my feather banner?
    • Assembling the feather flag banner is straightforward. When assembling the flag, take the largest pole, which will be the bottom of the finished flagpole, and insert the second largest pole into the end with the silver tip. Continue placing poles in decreasing size until you place the smallest pole, the one with the small knob at the end. This will be the top of your completed flagpole. Now you’re ready to place the flag onto the pole by sliding the pole through the bottom pocket of the flag. Make sure you take your time sliding the pole through the pocket to avoid possible stretching or tearing of the material or unwanted bending of the pole.

      Once the flag material is attached to the pole, it’s time to insert it into either the ground stake or one of the available base options. After inserting the pole into the stake or base, take the small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the small loop at the bottom of the flag material. Now that the cord is through the loop, insert the cord into the metal ring at the bottom of the flagpole. Tie a knot, securing your flag and pole together. Now you’re ready to place your assembled flag either in or on the ground.
  • The bungee for my banner broke, how do I fix this?
    • Unfortunately, we do not offer a replacement bungee at this time. While this small bungee helps keep the banner taut it isn’t absolutely critical to the flag functioning correctly. Thus, you have several options. The first is to continue to use the flag without it. Assuming the fabric and metal hooks respectively are not broken, any other rope or small bungee will work in the same manner. If one of the hooks are broken we recommend that you buy a replacement banner and/or pole set as needed.
  • How do the individual poles attach together?
    • The poles are attached to other poles by simply inserting the end of one into the end of another. There is no screw or button/locking mechanism to secure the poles together. Make sure that you attach the poles starting with the biggest (the bottom pole) to the smallest (top of the pole).
  • How do I best care for my banner?
    • Caring for your feather banner requires little effort as long as you properly store the banner when not in use. Though the flagpole and banner are both durable, we strongly recommend storing it indoors during heavy wind storms to protect it from being damaged. You can clean the banner with a damp cloth and some water to help remove any dirt or other build up. These banners are also machine washable on a low cycle using cold water. If you do decide to machine wash your flag, make sure to only air dry the banner. Do not place it in a tumble dryer.

      If you display your banner outdoors, it is best that you bring it inside when not in use (like after store hours). Protecting it from the elements is also important in caring for your banner. Making sure that you do not display it in inclement weather or very windy conditions will add longevity to its lifespan. Extreme weather or high winds can permanently damage your feather banner. We recommend you take it down if this type of weather is imminent. If you decide to store the banner for an extended period of time, we suggest keeping it in a protective case and off of the ground to avoid accidental damage.
  • How do I disassemble and store my custom feather banner?
    • Disassembling your feather banner is as easy as putting it together. First, detach the flagpole from the base or stake that it is attached to. Untie the rope securing the post to the base. Then carefully remove the banner from the pole. Make sure to avoid forcing the banner from the pole to avoid tearing or piercing the material. Once the banner is removed, gently roll it up, with the image on the inside, and place it in the carrying case. Disassemble the flag pole, piece by piece, then place the separate poles in the pole bag or carrying case.