Do you don't like ordering via the internet? Every one of our customers has unique needs. Speaking with one of our project specialists is always the best and most time effective way to get your order placed. Also getting answers to any questions you may have is a snap when you call so please call us at 407 552 5554.
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General information for NEW customers

We are pleased that you want to Partner with Unique-Banner. Here are a few tips for the smooth transition. To serve you faster and better always give us your personal customer number, especially with all orders, payments,  and on the written communications with us.

You can find your customer number on each invoice from us. If you have not ordered from us and therefore no ID, so you get automatically with the first delivery of a customer number on the first order confirmation. You can as also a mail or Fax to open a ID with us. Please give as follwing informaiton:

  • Company name, Owner or Managing director
  • Contact in your company
  • Address, City, State, ZiP
  • Phone, Fax, E-Mail and your website

Privacy Policy:

All personal data that we collect from you as part of an order or customer application will be treated confidentially and not disclosed to third parties.

You will find our extensive web shop with all the latest products at Please order only at our shop system!

Please make sure you enter your customer number and the item number from the web shop or our catalog.
If you do not want to order over the Internet you can contact us.

Delivery time:
Our products and digital prints are produced with the highest accuracy and precision. The delivery time with print is about 2-14 working days after order confirmation. Depending on the product.

You can choose from different payment:

  • Credit card (AMEX, Master, Visa, e-check)
  • PayPal