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Durability & care of flags

A flag is a consumable item.

With the use of a flag in the outside area, an ordinary wear process takes place. The period of the wear process is between a few months (with permanent beating) and 1 - 2 years depending on the type of application and location. The quite long period of time results from the various weather and environmental influences that a flag is exposed day by day.

 Flags are exposed to constant movement by wind. Added to this are the intensified UV irradiation as well as the regionally different air pollution (e.g., car exhaust gases, sulfur, etc.). All aspects which are responsible for the influence on the flag substance.There is unfortunately no general information about the durability of flags, since the respective load of a flag is affected by various factors.

Care and treatment are just as important for the durability of a flag.Therefore, it is advisable to catch flags in a strong wind and in a storm. At the same time rain increases the wear effect. It is also important to ensure that the flags are able to escape freely. Therefore, it is recommended that the flag be applied against walls, other flags, branches and branches etc. If mechanical damage occurs, we recommend removing the flag immediately. This prevents you, for example, possible cracks to become larger. In this case we offer you a repair for a small extra charge.

 The following should be considered in short:
- Obtain flags from wind force 8 at the latest.
- Periodically remove flags to check for damage and repair if necessary
- Make sure that flags can blow freely
- Due to environmental factors which can not be avoided, therefore, no guarantee can be given as to the durability of a flag



  1. Hitting flags, hanging flags and banners should be mounted so that they can blow freely and do not strike walls, trees or wires, etc.
  2. Hanging flags and banners should also be fitted with a ring guard or anti-tamper.
  3. In a wet condition, flags and tension bands must not be kept together, as color prints and stains may form.
  4. A wash should be carried out in a timely manner so that no excessive degree of contamination is achieved. Only then can a satisfactory wash result be expected. Damage to the fabric should be repaired as soon as possible. As a result, the service life is not insignificantly increased.


Preparation and laundry

  1. Metal parts, e.g. Carabiner hooks or swivels should be removed to avoid damage.
  2. As the majority of our delivery program (national and advertising flags as well as tensioning straps) is made exclusively from basic materials made from 100% brand polyester, the laundry can be carried out according to a uniform procedure.
  3. The washing process can be carried out in any normal household washing machine with the addition of brand detergents for synthetic fibers with the setting for 60 ° C wash. In the case of heavily soiled areas, the cleaning process can be reinforced by the application of lubricating soap and subsequent light rubbing. The addition of bleaching agents in the wash water must not be carried out.
  4. After the washing process, the cleaned material must be thoroughly rinsed through a fleet of clear water with intensive movement. After the rinsing process, the laundry must not be stored together for a long time in a wet state in order to avoid the formation of stains.
  5. Drying and ironing
  6. Drying of the material can be carried out by gentle centrifuging and air drying in the spreaded state. However, the flags can also be pulled up dripping on the flag pole.
  7. It is not necessary to iron flags and straps for external use. However, if flags are used for interior decoration, they can be ironed at a point of about  240F  (110° C).


  1. For the cleaning of flags and tension bands in a chemical cleaning facility or a gasoline bath, no guarantee can be given with regard to color fastness since the solvents used here do not always permit a proper treatment.
  2. If we do not have a suitable company for the washing and repair of flags and tensioning straps, in accordance with the above, this work can be carried out at our company.

 Obtain the flags at high wind speeds

 As recommended by the industry, we advise our customers to collect all flags from a wind strength of eight or higher. In the case of double-sided flags, this is recommended with wind force six. Flags are and remain wear articles whose "life" can be significantly extended in this way.